Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pink split skirt

I simply adore this pink skirt from asos with quite big split on the side. And also my new love - gold cuffs by asos, you will see them a lot as I nearly wear them everyday :) Oh and amazing weather <3
Kisses xxx

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Black dress and red heels

Hiya! How is everyone doing? It's been super busy week at work so I'm glad it's half way through to the weekend already! I'm starting to develop my second passion next to the fashion which is ... fitness, I even tried to do some pull ups :) and with the help of my hubby I've done 5x3 series :D woo hoo. Sport has a fashion element to it, I'm already falling in love with fitness outfits so you will see some here quite soon too! But for now a bit of black and red elegance. Ciao xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kate Moss black outfit


Kate Moss black outfit

My favourite British model Kate Moss wears a lot of black outfits. 'When in doubt wear black' - this is her attitude. So here is my black outfit inspiration based on this quote :) And I couldn't resist not adding red and gold heels to it!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

London, Harrods, Louboutin

London street style

London, Harrods, Louboutin

Hello ladies :))))))))))))))) I promised to show you some more photos from my recent trip to London. As mentioned before I love this city sooo much, you can guess it from my big grin on some of pics hi hi. I also love travelling by underground, trains and busses. I was only on the underground this time but it was still good ha ha, wonder if anyone looked at me strangely as I can't stop smiling when I travel. But thinking about it now, London is such a big mix of various characters and weirdos that no one would probably take any notice of overexcited girl on metro.
Anyways... here are some of my favourite shopping/admiring window displays places.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vogue Festival - Donatella Versace

Vogue Festival Donatella Versace

Vogue Festival - Donatella Versace

I arrived to London on Sunday, looking like a child in a chocolate factory! I do love this city, everything there smells like fashion. I will show you some other places in London too, but for now - something I was counting down for since 50 something days - The Vogue Festival, I was lucky to take part in a talk that simply was a Vouge's editor interviewing Donatella Versace live. It was just like being in a show on TV (I never been to one but that's how I imagined it looks). On that day there was also talk with Victoria Beckham, but unfortunately I didn't get to see her.
When Donatella entered the stage I was super excited, I'm not sure why but maybe because I saw someone who achieved so much just there, in front of me! For a moment I thought everything was possible. I'm a very curious person and I case study many successful people all the time :D But Donatella is not only a successful business woman but also an important figure in fashion and not to mention how hilarious she is!
Let me start from the beginning though! So there she comes, very slim in supper skinny leather trousers (lots of them in her waredrobe, sorted by fabric, colour and shape), high heels, poker straight hair (a bit like Lady Gaga's), looking slightly shy - love this :))))